sunday chat

gaza under fire

usa granted another 'licence to kill' for israelis to do whatever it takes to protect jews land in palestin..

whats wrong with the above sentence?
its the true colors of the insane democracy..

am i wrong?

backsit safety

put on safety belt to lower the possiblity of death during accident.. and its also proven that slowing down could do the same..

but car are meant to be fast, so lets buckle-up and obey the 110km/h highway's speed, not slower.. the risk has been lower..

am i right?

mouse at 40

the mouse, built by engineer Bill English, was first introduced in Dec 9, 1968, at the 'mother of all demos' by Dr Douglas Engelbart in California..

"at the end of the demonstration, there was dead silence and then everyone stood and applauded. that was when we knew we had achieved something special."

u damn right!

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