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Topic: Am i doing it right?

SK wrote:
Visualizing and thinkin positiv is one thing, but when it comes to try to get something isn't there a different process?

Well, as some of you guys know, i am trying to visualize Money, like around 5k euro, because i really want to visit my boyfriend in March. Now there is not much time left, can i do it? I sure can, why not?!

So, since the last couple of days/weeks i've been going my own little process.
Since Humans have habbits, i was trying to make that my habbit and have it been routine every day.

When i wake up.
My first thought is of course my boyfriend :P
Then i list those stuff i am thankful.
Then after breakfast and such i am sitting in my room and meditate and also visualize the money i am recieving.

I visualize myself having that money in my hand, and how happy i am to have it and to buy myself a ticket to fly to my boyfriend.
I visualize that over and over and over again, also i visualize talking into me saying "I have 5k euro. Thank you for the money! Thank you so much! I will buy this and that with the money". I also visualize how i am flying to my boyfriend with the money. I also visualize the date i want to recieve the money (i dunno if that is a good or a bad thing). It actually came to a point that tears were coming from my eyes cuz i was visualizing/meditation having that money.

On my desk, i created myself a poster, kinda like a shifter.
On the Poster it says "On *date* i will recieve 5k Euro! With the money i will fly to my boyfriend! I am so happy and thankful for the money! I believe! I am happy and believe every minute! I will have no doubt! It's on its way already! I have 5k Euro, thank you so much! I am so happy"

Also i am trying to read that in my mind over and over again, every single minute.
If i come to the point when i have doubt or anything, i try to think about something positiv, like something funny that happen.

At around lunch time, i am visualizing again, but more visualizing then meditating. Just having that money and be happy about it.

Before Dinner, i take a walk outside.
Putting a smile on my face and just talking in my mind "i have 50 euro! thank you so much!" over and over again.

At night time i am meditating again, when i come to the point that i am totaly relaxed, and then i start visualizing the same think like i did in the morning.

Well, this is pretty much how i am doing it.
If you got any more tips that would be great haha

How are you visualizing?

JL wrote:
Hi susanne !!
i also visualizing money on different purpose.
i am visulizing money for college for next year
but don't have enough money for that.
just i want and feel good when i think of going college.
but i want to know sth.
i just want to go college. that's why i need money.
but if i can go there even i don't have money...
for example , i can get help from someone......
what to think, what to visualize... college fee or just going college???

what i want to say to u ,
Do you want to see your boyfriend or
get 5k euro???
if you want to see your boyfriend not only money give you solution but also
you can get flight ticket from different ways.

i am also wandering am i right....

BDW wrote:
Here is something that should help you get off on the right foot:

SK wrote:
Well with the money i can do so many things together with my Boyfriend.

Kinda curious, today i talked with my mom, and she told me that she really wants to have 1.000.000 Euro haha.
She's been wishing and visualizing and so much since 2007, why did it not happen yet? haha

BK wrote:
thank you for that article! it is wonderful! :)

SK wrote:
Sadly nothing happen so far.
I still have no fear and keep on believing and telling me in my mind every single seconds/minutes "I own 5000 Euro!" and then i also visualize how i am spending that money together with my bf.
March is coming soon...

MSNS wrote:
Hi Susanne

Hope this helps, here goes. BY you asking for the same thing again and agin you are sending a message to the universe that you are not actually believeing that you are going to receive. Like when you order from a catalogue, book a plane ticket, ask a geniuine a wish you don't ask over and over otherwise you use up all your wishes and you demonstrate you don't believe the "catalogue" or "airline" are going to deliever what you ordered.
When you order in a restaurant same principle, you put the order in nd start talking to your companion and youdon't keep asking the waiter otherwise you will give the restaurant the impression you don't believe the kitchen will deliever.

Having the poster is a great visualiser, do you have a good picture of you and your boyfriend together as that visualises reunited with him. Also have you made a diary date as to when you will book the ticket and made a shopping list of what things you will do together? Kinda like you are spending the money already as you believe it is already there. Get more focused into the believing side to help you receieve as use visualisation of you and him together and your thoughts being nothing but wonderful and this all should help.

Keep us posted on how it goes as we are all here to help you get there. I am seeing you and him eating ice cream and with some of the money he is taking you to a movie, in fact now go and look at movies that are coming out this summer and visualise you and him togther. Don't worry the universe will get you there.

SC wrote:
I also use the incantation Trinka Five and say it several times. Dont forget to use mind videos on youtube Susanne and save them to your Hard drive.

:) Im using this one alot to summon money. Trying to raise my monthly income to very large figures and attract my dream car and homes in time. Also remember to not lose your focus all. I try to do 5-15 min concentrations all throughout the day. Thats how I manifested a pick 3 win and got the secret audio purchased to me as a gift. :) Very excited to hear techniques and things that everyone experiences. Please visit my page everyone.

And we will master LOA/The Secret and bring the things that we truly want betweenb 2010 and 2011

Also great article David.

Susanne and everyone dont forget to give more each week, even if its 1.00-5.00. I notice giiving more from the heart and feeling the emotion of helping another is also opening doors for more work for me.

THis should help to kick up everyones ability to raise funds along with the visualizations. For instance if you get 100-300 give away 1.00-3.00 to 5-20 people or folks that motivated or helped you in some way. It will come back in lots of abundance.

SK wrote:
Well, i focus as much as possible. Like, i keep on saying to myself in my mind "i love money! own 5000 euro! thank you for the money!" since the brain takes you literly, thats why i said to my self that i own the 5000 euro already.
I also visualize how i spend the money in buying the ticket and what we are doing with the money. Like going out dinner, movies and more.

During my meditation, when i come to the point that i can feel the energy, i visualize me having the money, how happy i am and what i am immidately gonna do when i have it. Like, calling my mother telling her that i got the money.
Buying the ticket and so on and so on. It even got to the point that i was so happy having that money (in my mind) that tears are starting to appear cuz i was so happy.

What i can do starting tomorrow is, like, making a date.
Well, i do want to fly to at the 2nd week of March.
I can make a list of plannings what we gonna do and such if that is what you mean Maria.

I never had a problem with fear to be honest.
And i do believe its gonna come, i just have to trust the Universe more haha
But is there anything that can help you believe more in it?
I can say to myself "i believe it! I believe that i will recieve the money." cuz, whatever you are saying is "creating" too.

SC wrote:
Use that 6 min money mind video on youtube and some of the others. I like one that had the music from gladiator in it. :) Mind videos help our minds to further expand our visions Susanne. You seem to be doing everything right.

Lol Im trying to resist the addiction of being so excited all you do is visualize your goals. Im at work and fighting the urge so I can concentrate on billing lol.

Still definitely I think keep visions in your head in detail and locking emotion in for 6-20+Mins at a time is key. I also use the audio book to get psyched up pretty much daily. Discs 2-4 usually ;)

MSNS wrote:
Hi Susanne
Yeah a list of planned events to do is what I mean as that re-iterates to the universe that you believe it's here and that the money has already come. As PP says also give some money away like donate to the Haiti relief fund or help someone by giving to a charity, doesn't even have to be money, donations of old clothes and items they can sell is all the same principle. So like Sheldon is saying give to receive.

I know what you mean about believing more as it is that leap of faith and trust that needs to be established so it is concreat in your life. Saying in your mind is also true but have you also established that the feeling of believing is for you? It is a personal thing where by different people have different ways of feeling belief. For example mine is like butterfiles in my stomach, that excitment and anticipation that what I want is here. Maybe take some time out to meditate and connect with what actually it means to you personally to believe, once you have done that then have a go at manifesting something small like a chocolate bar or coffee you really want to reafirm that you have make a link between what you "feel" believing is.

Have a go and let us know how it went as we are all rooting for ya and are greatful for this discussion group as it is really helping us all learn more.

BP wrote:
i wanna share my experience.. this is even before i found 'the secret' ;)

that time i was a small salary hard worker, newly wed, and going to have a baby soon.. we lived in a rented house.. i like the house but the owner doesn't want to sell the house, plus i was dreaming to have the corner lot house, with bigger space.. having our own house was a very big dream for us.. but i believe i will bought a house for my wife and future kids.. every nite, i look out through the window from my room, look at my wife and said to myself that i'm gonna buy the corner lot house at the end of the road.. i guess that was the visualization part.. ;)

our most difficult part was to have the money, since my salary was barely enough for us to survive from month to month.. somehow, i met one guys offered me an investment.. to cut short the story, i lost almost all my savings in the investment.. i was down that time.. but every nite i still believe that i'm gonna buy the house..

this is when i begun the process.. despite of losing money, i give away more money to charity as if i have more to spend.. ridiculous but it made me forget the pain of losing.. i always said to myself, the more i give the more it will comeback.. and i do really believe in that.. the secret? more people will pray for your wealth ;)

and i always made a joke with my wife, the best time to do shopping is when we have no money.. bcoz we will get the best out of the value of the money and wont buy anything that we don't need..

so we did the house shopping.. we go to every housing project launch event, we went around to find a house with a sale tag, call the properties agent, as if we really want to buy a house.. and yeah, we really did a real serious negotiation with the real-estate agent.. and laugh together in the car when we drove home.. we did that every weekend.. it was fun.. ;)

somehow, one of the agent persistently called us and keep showing us house for sales.. then the magic happened..

one beautiful day, she called me and offered me a house which was urgent sale.. despite of knowing that my saving can only do half of the downpayment, i asked my wife to have a look at it.. and the house was the corner lot house at the end of the road.. the exact house i've been looking every nite..

but then still my setback was i don't have the money.. surprisingly the agent herself did the negotiation with the house owner and did the arrangement with lawyer and banker, in order to made it possible for me to bought the house with our small savings left..

2 months later, we moved to the new house.. and to add more to the magic, somehow i got a raised at the same time and able to do some modification to the house.. life is great! ;)

what i'm trying to say is we need to begin the process.. if i can say it to susanne, begin checking the flight availability, make reservation to the particular restaurant, buy the clothes your wanna wear when you meet him, give your boyfriend a phone call, make plan.. real plan.. dun focus on the money.. once you visualize it, let it go.. you already have it.. ;)

the secret that i learn, it only need one thought of doubt to puff away the magic to happens.. dun make your dream a stressful target.. remember, you already have it.. ;)

hope this help ;)

SK wrote:
haha nice story!

Today i actually did check on the flights and the hotel and such.
Even Six Flags popped up in my mind and i checked out the homepage, cuz i know that my bf told me that during winter, its closed.
Haha, funny, its gonna open on March lol

I put my luggage in my room to visualise me packing too.
I actually gonna think of packing every single day at night.
When i pack my stuff, imma keep in my mind that i am flying on that date.
I looked at the hotelroom on that hotel i wanna book and stay.
Visualizing me in that room.
I even checked out view other sides like Baskin'Robbins, cuz i love the Ice Cream there! Visualized the ice cream imma gonna get :D
I also checked out what kind of Movies there are gonna play in March and i wanna see haha.

BP wrote:
great! keep it going susanne! ;)
just let me know if you cant get the flight.. i'll send my private jet ;)
make the process as fun as you can.. ;)

SK wrote:
haha i hope that was a joke, cuz i want to fly!

BP wrote:
you will fly ;) no worry..
somebody will show you where to take the money..
find the person.. meet him/her in your next visualization.. ;)

SK wrote:
visualize the one who helps me?
Hm, i thought i control my visualization, or does it come up somehow? lol

SC wrote:
Really good stuff Boonchert. Attracted 20.00 gift to me out of the blue today.

Thank You. Thank you God and the Universe. I need to start shopping for the things I will buy when I attract six to seven figures this year.

Definitely start shopping around and reserve things or do the actions that connect you to the universe Susanne. That is somethng Im going to doeven more Booncchert. Great advice and story. :) Lots of blessings and thanks to you as well Boonchert and Susannne. Love sharing with fellow students of the god and his universe.

BP wrote:
way to go dude! ;)

there are 2 part in your visualization.. 1-to meet your boyfriend, 2-to have 5k euro.. when you set a date, then you need to play the process at the next level.. if you wanna attract it faster, then something must happen soon, so you need to visualize it coming faster..

i have another story, one of my good fren want an extra money and he want it at the end of the month.. he visualized somebody transferred some amount of money in his bank account.. he did that every night before he went to sleep.. and to his surprise, his agent transfer his payment with extra money, plus the agent give him the breakdown details of the extra payment, which he himself don't really understand.. but whatta heck, he got what he wish ;)

my other fren tried the same visualization, but then he concentrated on the process.. somehow he attracted more business-minded fren to came to him, offered a various businesses and investments.. and he is now accumulating all the money he visualized, and now he changed his visualization for more money as he becomes more confident with the secret.. the best part is he feel grateful everyday in his life and living positively.. ;)

visualization is only one part of the story.. the powerful process need powerful visualization.. so it is a bit easy just to visualized to meet your boyfriend, then when you add money to the realization, you must look around, find and grab it.. visualization help the process..

but all in all, you must have fun doing it.. its like you already have the money but you forget where you hide it.. use your creative imagination and feel it, then go on and take it.. ;)

SK wrote:
the hide and seek game for the money made me laugh.
I will sure try it out ;)

Since i am visualizing 3 times a day, cuz its fun, i noticed something today.

I was driving to an important errand i had to do, the errand is full of negativity by the way, haha. The ppl there are just totaly unhappy, frustrated, and treat their customers like shit without smiling and so on. I didn't really care to be honest, cuz i won't let it attract me. Ironic thing is, that they had Posters all over the places. Positiv Posters. You know, those Posters which has beautiful mountains or any other beautiful image on it and above there is an important quote like "Every little step gets your closer to your goal". So that was the only positiv thing inside that house.

Anyways, when i was driving back i had many stuff in my mind, still tho, i was listening to the radio station and was singing to songs. I did switch to other radio station as soon as i heard those depressiv heart broken songs or any other kind of stuff. I just wanted to hear stuff that motivates me.
The Song from Bon Jovi came up, pretty awesome one in my opinion and so true! We weren't born to follow, listen to the lyrics, in a way it sounds like something from the law of attraction. I wonder if Bon Jovi does know about the LOA and such haha.
Anyways, you guys know that i want money, so i can fly over to my bf.

I dunno if that is a sign of the Universe or not, maybe you guys can help me out with that.

After the Song from Bon Jovi, there was commercials.
And a specific one poped out! Its from a Lotterie and they said that NOW you can win 5000 € if you are lucky, with that loterrie ticket.

I was like, oh wow, wth? Is that quinvidence (sorry dunno how that word is spelled lol), that right NOW its possible to win 5000 € if you are lucky with that lotterie ticket?!

Anyways, i did not buy one yet, because, i wanted to visualize more.
Also, i have some money issue right now, haha not what you are thinking.

Somehow i did not get my monthly money on my bank account yet.
My Brother got it already on Friday, but not me.
I was guessing that it would be come on Monday, but today was still empty haha
So i couldn't buy any groceries today. I have no milk, sugar, eggs, whatever you can think of, i did not have.
I came to realize how it was when you don't have those "daily" things.
Really horrible, i still stayed calm. My grandma made me some pancakes, wasn't really the lunch i was looking for, but i was happy.
After that, i took a nap and when i woke up i really needed to go to the restroom. Guess what, yes, we did not even had Toilettpapers haha, so we had to use Tissues and such.
Anyways, i saw Toilettpapers in the restroom and i was like, huh???
Then i checked the kitchen and there was food there!
Meat, Milk, Eggs and more. For me it was kinda odd because i couldn't think of my brother going to buy grociers. I asked him anyways and he was joking to me saying "wait we have food? i didn't go buy groceries" He must have left during the time i was taking a nap and went off to buy some stuff.

So those stuff really made my day a little bit more better :)
I wonder what tomorrow will happen.

So yeah, btw. i was also thinkin of giving away some money to haiiti and such, cuz you guys are right. You not only have to think and visualize that you have enought money, but also act, speak and feel like it. So with the action of giving away money, shows that i have enought money! :)

BP wrote:
great thought susanne.. ;) i feel inspired by your story..

i got another story.. haha..

last week, i altered my visualization method.. i know a lot of people meditate in silent, but i used music.. begin with soft music and end up with an energetic beat, to boost my spirit.. i add something else.. in the middle of the track, between the soft, i add a full 2 minutes of my own voice yelling "what do you want?! say it! is that what you want?! can you walk the talk?!" which is non-stop.. i called it my very own shock-therapy.. hehe.. (actually i'll always be end-up crying) and after that continue with a bit faster rhythm.. enthusiastic song..

you may think i'm a psycho, but everytime i felt down, sad or wanna give up, i kinda heard the yelling in my ears (i used to hear my visualization song using earphone, so its really loud.. haha..) then i got the urgency.. feel like life is too short to be waste by giving up while lotsa abundance in the world..

warning!: the method might not work for you, especially if you have heart problem.. so copy with your own risk.. hihi ;)

SK wrote:
haha dunno what happen but now it got even worse.
i have no money for the rest of this month.

dunno why?
I am always happy and positiv and visualize every day.
Still nothing that might helps me haha.

Not that i am giving up but yeah lol march is coming~

SC wrote:
Susan did you give a few bucks with just good feelings. You may need to give a few buck more a week. So the universe sends lots of cash. You give time, you get time. You give money in a way and knowing the universe will send lots of abundance you receive money. You give things you get back things.

Remember giving is important to raise money fast. Heck even trying to give a 1-3.00 to 4-10 people weekly. Try it while you seek things to earn money. Dont forget the secret may have sent you opportunities already to draw the 5000g.

In contest, sweepstakes, lotto feeling, job opportunity or online opp you missed in the mail my cool gal pal. :) So be actively looking for things that create income. Heck maybe even ask someone here on the board.

I got a 120 gift from my mother while thinking on money and a client that spent 150 with me. I gave at least 20.00 away over the past week to people who needed it.

This should give you a radical bump in cash flow, but remember to stay alert the secret is funny the way it sends yu things. I missed 210 because I didnt go with my gut, that would have been 300.00 bucks this week. Grrr

So missed one thing the secret sent, but Im grateful and thankful for the miss, as the universe will send lots of opportunites to get to my income monthly goal.

SK wrote:
I seriously would give away few euro to ppl if i have those few euro haha

SK wrote:
I am happy, i am so happy you cannot believe it right now!
I found a way, the universe gave me a way!

I am so positiv like never before!

SC wrote:
^ Susanne its just the beginning for you and us all as we keep mastering the techniques to command the universe for what we want. :D

AG wrote:
ok susanne i read all your posts and it motivates me. so curious how did the universe give you a way! There is a large amount of money coming to me in the next couple months. maybe a few thousand... probably from the goverment when i file my taxes...hehehe....oh ya and ill be going somewheres tropical this coming winter...

BP wrote:
great news susanne! as sheldon said its just a beginning..
be prepared for more surprises ;)
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kunci hidup

kunci hidup itu ada dua: syukur dan tawakal..

bermula dengan niat, memahami apa yg kita mahu.. harus terperinci dan jelas.. sepertimana niat solat.. berdiri nak buat apa, solat apa, berapa rakaat, jamak, qasar, tunai, berimam atau tidak, kerana apa.. begitu juga dgn niat setiap kali kita bangun dari tidur.. nak buat apa hari nih, kenapa dan bagaimana..

kemudian syukur, ayat pertama al-fatihah bermula dengan alhamdulillah.. makna kena syukur dulu.. sama juga kena tahu syukur pada siapa, syukur kerna apa, rasakan dalam hati, bayangkan dalam fikiran, setiap nikmat yang Tuhan beri pada kita.. bayangkan dan rasakan apa yang Tuhan dah beri pada kita semalam.. syukur sihat lengkap tubuh badan cemerlang pancaindera.. syukur ada keluarga yang menyayangi kita.. syukur ada kawan2 yg tak pernah berputus asa mahu membantu kita.. syukur kita belum pernah lapar lebih dari dua hari.. syukur atas kurniaan rezeki kepada kita.. syukur Tuhan menyayangi kita.. lihat keliling kita dan bayangkan jika kita tidak punya semua itu..

seterusnya usaha, dengan cara melihat segala usaha kita itu ibadah.. keluar rumah mencari rezeki untuk keluarga itu pahalanya seumpama keluar berjihad ke jalan Allah.. maka keluar bekerja itu seperti keluar berjihad.. ada adab dan perlu jaga hati.. kerana Allah.. dapat atau tidak imbalan atas usaha itu bukan kerja kita.. itu hak Allah sebagai Pemberi Rezeki.. kita dapat semua tuh bukan kerna kita kerja tapi kerana rahmat Allah.. Dia Maha Penyayang tidak mungkin menzalimi hamba-Nya.. kita usaha sebab nak beribadah kerna Allah.. itu saja.. maka berusahalah meraih rahmat Allah dari segala usaha kita..

setelah itu doa, supaya kita tak sombong dgn usaha.. doa kena jelas apa yg kita nak, sama macam niat.. kena bayangkan dan rasakan dalam hati.. sebab tuh ada beza antara org yg doa bersungguh2 dgn doa sambil lewa.. kita doa baca dlm bahasa arab, amin bukan main kuat, tapi tak paham apa yg kita mintak.. nak dapat apa? mintak kena spesifik, nak selamat dunia akhirat, jamak betul bunyinya, boleh sebut camtuh tapi kena rasakan perasaan selamat dalam dakapan Allah.. tuh yg buat bila org berdoa nih boleh menangis.. sebab dia dapat bayang dan rasakan.. biasanya doa menangis nih bila susah jer.. bila senang mula doa baca macam keretapi.. dah senang dah kaya pun kena doa.. doa supaya kita boleh buat lebih banyak manfaat pada keluarga dan pada jemaah..

bila dah doa, kena ada tawakal.. kekuatan hidup nih dgn tawakal.. cuma org kita nih bila doa dia yakin, bila tawakal dia tawakal tak yakin.. kita kata tawakal jer laa kalo dapat alhamdulillah, kalau tak dapat sabar.. nih salah tawakal nih.. bila kita tawakal kita kena yakin Allah bagi apa yg kita minta.. bila kita tak kisah maka Allah pun tak kisah juga dgn doa kita.. bila kita yakin Allah akan kurnia nikmat dan rahmat apda kita, maka hidup kita positif.. kita sentiasa dalam keadaan bersedia untuk terima kurnia Allah.. baru kita ada semangat.. bila Allah tak beri dalam waktu terdekat, kita tahu dan yakin bahawa Allah ada rancangan yang lebih hebat untuk kita, dari apa yg kita mintak.. jadi kita kena cari hikmah.. ini tawakal.. berharap dengan yakin.. kerna jika sekalil sahaja kita tak yakin Allah akan kabulkan doa kita, memang Allah takkan kabulkan doa kita.. jika kita tak putus asa dgn rahmat Allah, Allah tidak akan putus asa dengan kita..

maka syukur dan tawakal ini kena sentiasa ada setiap hari.. ini kekuatan para sahabat dan pejuang2 Islam yang terdahulu.. bila kita syukur, kita akan sentiasa merasa bahagia dan menikmati hidup.. bila kita tawakal dengan benar, kita akan sentiasa yakin dengan apa yang kita perbuat.. kita akan terus berusaha kerna kita bahagia dan yakin Allah akan kabulkan.. kita takkan rasa bosan, marah atau sedih kerna kita bersyukur Allah jadikan semua itu untuk kebaikan kita dan kerna kita tawakal bahawa Allah pasti akan menyempurnakan doa-doa kita.. ini kekuatan iman..

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choosing the correct word

Topic: need some help

AGJ wrote:
hello Guys I need some help, my mom and I ALways misunderstand to each other almost everyday and I'm trying to attract the power of the secret but no result at all,it seems very difficult to control my thought what should I do??.

TPI wrote:
Hya, regarding your mother have you thought of moving out? (I don't know how old you are) I know many people that have had a volatile relationship with members of their family but once they moved out, the air was cleared and they started to get on really well. its an option.

Regarding the secret, just focus on one thing! thats raising your bliss! think of all the good things in your life, the opportunities that are around you! anything that can make you feel happy, music, scenery a hobby! anything that is gonna make you feel good inside! raise that level of bliss, once you feel good then focus on what you want unconditionally believing you will receive it! it will be yours! too many people try and 'be positive' all the time and they become unstuck! I spend all my time being happy and you know what, I am always positive because of my level of happiness! throw on a smile and go and meet your world lady! :-)

BDW wrote:
This should help you deal with your mom, and any other 'negative' people in your life:

LWP wrote:
MY Weight Watcher's leader always says "It takes a strong person to admit one's weakness" Also I do believe "successful" people are unafraid to seek-out help for him/herself inorder to succeed in life I am asking for HELP with making better choices with my faineses, weight/excersise/eating food mgt
Also being calmer and more "tolarant" of people esp. my husband,:)

BP wrote:
the answer is already in your word..

"I'm trying to attract the power of the secret but no result at all,it seems very difficult to control my thought"

visualization is only the first part.. and you need to consistenly believe in it..

then you need to do the process.. how bout begin with hugging her and give her a big kiss everytime you have the anger towards her? ;)

feel this everytime she annoyed you.. she is your mother, she love you, she just being afraid to show it.. so you should show her the way ;)

miracle is not something falls down from the sky..
miracle is about appreciating every small little things that we ignore before ;)

gud luck dear..

AGJ wrote:
thnk for your ComeNt I think ThiS IS gOOD iDEA...yES!!! I'L do IT..God Bless

LB wrote:
I have a problem. I want to study in university and live with my boyfriend, but its a bit difficult, because we dont have enough money to live together. I always try to attract money in my life, but, friendly speaking, I'm hesitating about it. It seems unreal to get money or to find a good job while studying. And it's not a secret that economic situation in our country is really bad, so it's not easy to find a job. How to stop hesitating? How to tell myself that everyting is possible? I have no idea. It's so difficult.

KS wrote:
beginning is always difficult, but you should be consistent and you should not give up so fast. Try to feel as though your dream has come true and do not stop until you really meet your dream. It works! Sometimes you have to wait a bit, but it really works

BP wrote:
it is a problem if you say it is a problem ;) its difficult because you said it difficult.. you don't have enough money because you already said you don't have enough money to live together..

the correct sentence:
"I have a dream. I want to study in university and live with my boyfriend, and i know it is possible, because we will have more than enough money and live together happily."

when we said we have a problem, tense build up in us.. worries sending negative impulse out from ourself and sadly, attracting the same to comes to us.. it is unreal because you already said its unreal.. we cannot get something that we feel impossible.. we already set our own limit..

this is where the secret implies.. building up the sense of confidence with the power of vision, and setting positive mind and action to achieve it through the powerful process.. you can't tell yourself everything is possible if you cannot feel it possible..

if we can feel gratitude of every little thing in our life, miracle will happens. the key is to live your dream.. ;) we are what we believe..

you can give up tomorrow, so why do that today? ;)

cheers! ;)

KS wrote:
You know, beofe I did one the same mistake - I tried to think about success, but I did't do anything to reach it. You should tell mom, what you try to reach, and also listen to her and do some little things to reach compomise.

LB wrote:
Thanx for advices, you all are absolutely right.. I'll change my minds and create my future.. Not TRY, but DO! :}
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no plastic bag day!

"no plastic bag day!"

bunyinya sangat mesra alam.. namun sejauh mana keberkesanan mendidik dan impak dalam perubahan sikap masyarakat? adakah hanya sebuah lagi retorik politik?

seorang kawanku berpendapat ia adalah satu langkah positif dalam mendidik masyarakat mengenai kepentingan menjaga alam sekitar.. bag plastik memang merupakan salah satu bahan yang palingsukar untuk dilupuskan dan hampir tidak mungkin untuk dikitar semula..

seorang lagi kawanku pula berpendapat ianya tindakan yang hanya menguntungkan peniaga, maka kerna itu ia sangat disokong.. sedangkan jika benar mahu menjaga alam sekitar bag kertas harus diperkenalkan sebagai alternatif.. tapi adakah para peniaga akan menyokong tindakan tersebut jika mereka terpaksa menggunakan bag kertas, yg kos agak lebih mahal dari bag plastik?

rasional kawan aku tuh ialah amat tidak praktikal jika kita membeli beberapa barang kecil di hari sabtu dan terpaksa memegangnya atau terpaksa membayar 20sen/50sen utk mendapatkan bag plastik.. bag kertas kitar semula perlu 'dipaksakan' kepada peniaga untuk menerapkan kesedaran alam sekitar.. jika semua pekedai menyediakan bag kertas kitar semula, sudah tentu akan menidakkan terus penggunaan bag plastik yang tidak mesra alam..

dibalas pula oleh kawanku yg satu lagi bahawa memupuk kesedaran masyarakat perlu bertahap.. hanya satu hari.. satu langkah kecil.. perubahan sikap perlu dilakukan secara perlahan-lahan..

kawanku pula menjawab, perubahan sikap boleh 'dipaksakan' oleh pihak yang mempunyai kuasa.. jika program itu mmg betul2 berguna dalam menjaga alam sekitar, apa bezanya memperkenalkan kempen 'no plastic bag day' dgn memberi pilihan pada pengguna sama ada menggunakan bag kertas yang diberi percuma atau membayar utk bag plastik? mengapa perlu buat langkah kecil jika 'harga' yang patut dibayar sama seperti melakukan langkah besar?

"aku tak nampak ini aspirasi rakyat kecil melainkan hanya menguntungkan para peniaga.." sambung kawanku, sambil mengatakan "kedai tetap memberi bag plastik jika kita membeli banyak barang di hari sabtu.. kalau nak buat, buatlah betul2, jgn bazir duit buat poster dan segala macam untuk program yg tak efektif.."

aku diam jer.. aku rasa kempen nih akan jadi cam kempen alam sekitar yang lain2 juga.. hanya tinggal bau kentut saja sudahnya..
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visualize losing weight?

Topic: Losing Weight

JF wrote:
Hiya, has anybody been successful in losing weight using the secret????

Had great successes using the secret in different areas of my life but can't seem to apply it to losing weight!

Any ideas????


VJ wrote:
Listen to what your body is telling you : ) That's my simplest advice. You know what you need to do, usually...but the world gets involved & you don't hear what your body is saying.

Otherwise, eat healthy, exercise, love, be happy, have sex (that's exercise too), & read the Secret to stay motivated. : )

lol. I do have great exercises that are easy & fast & get results. Just msg. me if you'd like.

VJ wrote:
LOL! I'll msg you so we can keep this on subject for her. : )

NR wrote :
In the video/book they say that you have to think about the weight you want to have after... well I don't know. I'm doing fitness stuff and I think it's great.

Only think that you'll get thinner and thinner til you arrive to the wanted weight. :)

LWP wrote:
Losing Weight, I promised myself that I would go to WW (ever since '03) I told myself that I was not going to drop-out. Also Rhonda mentions to think of the "perfect" weight and concentrate also do not judge people who are overweight. Also I enjoy my food, eat it slowly and try not to eat so much no-health food. I am also asking for the secret/weight watchers to help myself achieve my perfect weight by my 37th birthday in December

DSR wrote:
I never thought of applying The Secret to my Weight Watchers. I stopped going last spring because I felt defeated, but now I am ready and strong again and willing to fight the battle. Thanks for the idea of applying this to WW I don't know why I never thought to do that. I am so thankful:)

BP wrote:
err.. d'ya guys wanna know what i've done regarding my weight loss visualization program? i cant really visualize how i look if i loss weight.. hehe.. so instead, i visualize my wife getting slimmer.. and somehow she really getting slimmer now.. hahahaaaa..

then i google to find a great body so that i can superimpose my face on it.. damn! cant find one that suit my pix.. haha.. then i take the pix and cut off the head.. damn! i'm not sure if that is me.. lol

i changed strategies, for me if i cant visualize then i need to feel slim.. so i daringly make fren with beautiful ladies and 6-pack-abs dude.. and i behave like them, looking at my full 1-pack abs as it is 6-pack-abs and proud of it, and to the extend i bought a suit one size down from my current size at that moment..

after a week, somehow i can fit to the suit.. hahahaa.. and more to it, i'm having active life.. now i can get self-motivate to workout alone and more frens comes and offering a weekly games activities.. i feel healthier.. and the best part is i still eat what i like.. hahaha..

guess i agree with nathalie, when we focus on losing weight, our emotion is at the weight, end-up we gain more weight.. i visualize on having their lifestyle.. and somehow i'm sure i'll be slimmer sooner.. then i can match my slimmer wife ;)

COC wrote:
Losing weight or looking a certain way is as easy as you perceive it to be remember. Just FEEL like you have it now! It's important first to be greatful for your body! Praise it and be thankful! From that point the universe will grant you what you want.

YL wrote:
every day , i thinking about postive thingking after reading a secret ;)
its result coming soon to me

LWP wrote:
I am down 2 lbs this week, I am striving to be at my Perfect weight of 120lbs by December. Today 11 of Feb 2010 I will do all in my power to achieve that goal:)

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how to let go of something..

Topik: How To let Go of Something

JBS wrote:
I am new to this. I need to let go of something. I need some suggestions how to do it and be happy about it. And move on with life.


ADC wrote:
I am also new at this just finish the book and i loved it. I am having a problem letting go of something too and I decided to check out the website to see if i could get some advise

FC wrote:
I have the same things going on in my mind...... I cant get over an ex and now hes married, even though I left him.... howcome he managed to move on, get married and I cant even get a boyfriend???

JBS wrote:
I think easy for a guy to move on. I am just having a hard time meeting up with the right person. I was married 22 years and got a divorce two years ago. I realize i was never in love with him it was for a safe place for me at the time. Then we just drift part from each and that when i knew how i felt for him it was not love at all was we were just friend and nothing more. But, this time i am going to take my time and look for real love.... Have a man treat me the way they should treat lady.

SB wrote:
If you have read or listened to the Secret...then you will know "you are in charge of your own thoughts" be strong, move past your issues. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOURSELF...NO ONE ELSE!

Read or watch it again... sorry but if you can't do it...then you are not getting it!

It being...YOU are in Charge of your OWN thoughts!!! BE stronger!!!


JBS wrote:
I get it trying to make it work.

BDW wrote:
Here you go, this should help you let go:

FC wrote:

NR wrote:
From my experience “letting go” was the hardest thing. These are the things I have learnt. Go easy on yourself and be kind to yourself. Don’t judge yourself too harshly for harbouring or wanting. Don’t spend hours on wording. This journey is our life’s work and takes practice, over time it will come. And always remember it’s meant to be fun! Good luck

EH wrote:
Make peace with yourself about the situation. You can confront the person or dig deep within yourself to find the root of the problem. Once you figure out the root of the problem then remind yourself what caused you to feel that way in the first place and replace it with forgiveness, love, joy play out the situation how you wished it would happen....

JBS wrote:
I thing i am doing a soul search. Trying to make peace with my self and to be happy with what is going on in my life. I watch the secret dvd about a year ago. Lately i was thinking about it. I am looking for the signs all around me to see what direction my life is suppose to go. It should a interesting journey. Because i am letting go of my past now.

EH wrote:
I listen to the secret every day cause off all the years of negativity that has been pushed in my head....My friend turns the dvd on every morning as she is getting dress. Maybe that could help you out.

LWP wrote:
I tend to be very controlling/possesive, jealouse etc and to the point that I drive people away. I have to tell myself to LET GO of that behavior, or it will keep happening and I will not be happy and lose people that I care about

BP wrote:
letting go is the hardest part..
i wanna share my experience.. ;)

once upon a time during my young years, i lost my girlfriend to one of my best friend.. i was haunting me for about 7 years, because somehow i saw them with my own eyes doing something even i didn't do it to her..

i cut short the story.. despite of having the same image over and over again during my sleepless nite, and ruining my life for having stuck in the past, one fine morning, i decide enough is enough..

i realized that i cannot let her go because whe was my first love and forgetting our first kiss is an impossible mission.. so i change the pattern.. instead of reminding myself of the very event and having nightmare, i visualize they broke up and she comes back to me.. every nite i have a date with her.. everytime the face of my best fren emerged in the dream, i just went to him with my girlfriend and greet him.. i told him that if he want her back, just be my guest.. i'm facing my fear in my dream..

by doing that every nite, the nightmare changed and my real life also changed.. i was having more fun.. glad to meet new people, flirt with other lady (just to make her jealous, in my next dream ;))..

as time goes by, the storyline changed.. somehow i get bored of her.. terrible is it? haha.. and finally i dump her for another great lady i found in real life.. ;) from that time onwards, i've move on from living in the past to achieving tomorrow.. ;)

and when recently i found 'the secret'...
damn! i should have realized it 20 years ago.. haha

JZ wrote:
I know a few of the teachers from "The Secret" use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to let go of things. Here is a link to a video where Bob Doyle (from the secret) shows how to use it to let go of limiting beliefs:
And here is a link to a free manual for EFT:
If you're not sure at first keep doing it, it really does work! Good luck!!!

JW wrote:
But what if that person wont send you back and love or would continue to thrive on your depression and Anger....

i appologize for the strong words but i WISHHHH i can toss these sad emotions outta my mind/life...they are daily....they are after me like a magnet...they are like a grudge and a shadow to me.......

i get affected SIGNIFICANTLY as my emotions are REEEAAALALLLLYYYYYY Sensitive...

Please somebody answer me
ive been searching for inner peace and my senistivity gets affected majorly by the fights that i get into with friends and people even though I SWEARR TO GOD IM the most peacefull one whoose sitting yet the fights, problems and saddnes hit me like darts with the speed of light from all directions

can you help me im sorry if i bothered you with my questions but im SEEKING IT helplessly !!

JS wrote:
If you all really want to let something go, here is a simple suggestion... it, bless it, and release it.

Accept that whatever you're holding on to still has something to share with you; something to teach you. Allow it (the thought/idea, not the person) to speak freely, to express whatever it needs to express to you. Thank it for giving you the opportunity to see old hurts with loving eyes, and bid it well.

Yes, I know that sounds like a recipe for getting rid of a ghost in your house...but what *are* thoughts haunting your mind anyhow, if not old ghosts?

Fighting a thought or trying to ignore it is the surest way to keep it around forever. Stop fighting it. Stop resisting it. Stop assuming that if you allow it to speak it will ruin your life.

Open yourself to the thought with full loving acceptance. Allow it to "speak," allow yourself to "feel" it. Once you've allowed it to have its piece, it will be at peace. Release it, and let it be. Thoughts don't necessarily want to be around any more than you want them around; but they can't leave because you haven't acknowledged them yet.

Remember that even if the "thing" you're trying to let go is a person, unless you have them physically shackled to you, the only thing attached is the *thought* of them.

And yes, it can take more than one "cleaning" to fully release a thought.

Peace of I

JW wrote:
what if some1 is after you to fight u n argue with u n wherever u go she does ?????????????????????

JS wrote:
??? I would be curious who this person is...your Siamese twin?

I know you've probably heard the old "it takes two to Tango" line before...but it's true. It's rather difficult to have a "fight" when one of the people involved is unwilling to fight. It sounds like she's looking for a fight, looking to argue, looking to get into a confrontation that could make Jerry Springer proud. If you deny her what she's looking for, she *will* get bored.

Again, I don't know who this person is in relation to you, so I don't know how well this next tactic may work...


Trying to heal your relationship with her, or let it go and let it be *while still with her* is kinda like trying to put out a building fire from *inside* the building. If she is really that toxic, you need to distance yourself from her; from her attitude, from her thoughts, from her energy, definitely from her words, and (hopefully unnecessary) from her fists.

You've taken a wise step, involving yourself with The Secret. Perhaps someday this person you speak of will follow suit...but not today. Focus on getting YOU where YOU need to be...on bettering your own life.

If you'd like to provide some further details, I can help you further; here, or via a personal message.

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