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AGJ wrote:
hello Guys I need some help, my mom and I ALways misunderstand to each other almost everyday and I'm trying to attract the power of the secret but no result at all,it seems very difficult to control my thought what should I do??.

TPI wrote:
Hya, regarding your mother have you thought of moving out? (I don't know how old you are) I know many people that have had a volatile relationship with members of their family but once they moved out, the air was cleared and they started to get on really well. its an option.

Regarding the secret, just focus on one thing! thats raising your bliss! think of all the good things in your life, the opportunities that are around you! anything that can make you feel happy, music, scenery a hobby! anything that is gonna make you feel good inside! raise that level of bliss, once you feel good then focus on what you want unconditionally believing you will receive it! it will be yours! too many people try and 'be positive' all the time and they become unstuck! I spend all my time being happy and you know what, I am always positive because of my level of happiness! throw on a smile and go and meet your world lady! :-)

BDW wrote:
This should help you deal with your mom, and any other 'negative' people in your life:

LWP wrote:
MY Weight Watcher's leader always says "It takes a strong person to admit one's weakness" Also I do believe "successful" people are unafraid to seek-out help for him/herself inorder to succeed in life I am asking for HELP with making better choices with my faineses, weight/excersise/eating food mgt
Also being calmer and more "tolarant" of people esp. my husband,:)

BP wrote:
the answer is already in your word..

"I'm trying to attract the power of the secret but no result at all,it seems very difficult to control my thought"

visualization is only the first part.. and you need to consistenly believe in it..

then you need to do the process.. how bout begin with hugging her and give her a big kiss everytime you have the anger towards her? ;)

feel this everytime she annoyed you.. she is your mother, she love you, she just being afraid to show it.. so you should show her the way ;)

miracle is not something falls down from the sky..
miracle is about appreciating every small little things that we ignore before ;)

gud luck dear..

AGJ wrote:
thnk for your ComeNt I think ThiS IS gOOD iDEA...yES!!! I'L do IT..God Bless

LB wrote:
I have a problem. I want to study in university and live with my boyfriend, but its a bit difficult, because we dont have enough money to live together. I always try to attract money in my life, but, friendly speaking, I'm hesitating about it. It seems unreal to get money or to find a good job while studying. And it's not a secret that economic situation in our country is really bad, so it's not easy to find a job. How to stop hesitating? How to tell myself that everyting is possible? I have no idea. It's so difficult.

KS wrote:
beginning is always difficult, but you should be consistent and you should not give up so fast. Try to feel as though your dream has come true and do not stop until you really meet your dream. It works! Sometimes you have to wait a bit, but it really works

BP wrote:
it is a problem if you say it is a problem ;) its difficult because you said it difficult.. you don't have enough money because you already said you don't have enough money to live together..

the correct sentence:
"I have a dream. I want to study in university and live with my boyfriend, and i know it is possible, because we will have more than enough money and live together happily."

when we said we have a problem, tense build up in us.. worries sending negative impulse out from ourself and sadly, attracting the same to comes to us.. it is unreal because you already said its unreal.. we cannot get something that we feel impossible.. we already set our own limit..

this is where the secret implies.. building up the sense of confidence with the power of vision, and setting positive mind and action to achieve it through the powerful process.. you can't tell yourself everything is possible if you cannot feel it possible..

if we can feel gratitude of every little thing in our life, miracle will happens. the key is to live your dream.. ;) we are what we believe..

you can give up tomorrow, so why do that today? ;)

cheers! ;)

KS wrote:
You know, beofe I did one the same mistake - I tried to think about success, but I did't do anything to reach it. You should tell mom, what you try to reach, and also listen to her and do some little things to reach compomise.

LB wrote:
Thanx for advices, you all are absolutely right.. I'll change my minds and create my future.. Not TRY, but DO! :}

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