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JBS wrote:
I am new to this. I need to let go of something. I need some suggestions how to do it and be happy about it. And move on with life.


ADC wrote:
I am also new at this just finish the book and i loved it. I am having a problem letting go of something too and I decided to check out the website to see if i could get some advise

FC wrote:
I have the same things going on in my mind...... I cant get over an ex and now hes married, even though I left him.... howcome he managed to move on, get married and I cant even get a boyfriend???

JBS wrote:
I think easy for a guy to move on. I am just having a hard time meeting up with the right person. I was married 22 years and got a divorce two years ago. I realize i was never in love with him it was for a safe place for me at the time. Then we just drift part from each and that when i knew how i felt for him it was not love at all was we were just friend and nothing more. But, this time i am going to take my time and look for real love.... Have a man treat me the way they should treat lady.

SB wrote:
If you have read or listened to the Secret...then you will know "you are in charge of your own thoughts" be strong, move past your issues. YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOURSELF...NO ONE ELSE!

Read or watch it again... sorry but if you can't do it...then you are not getting it!

It being...YOU are in Charge of your OWN thoughts!!! BE stronger!!!


JBS wrote:
I get it trying to make it work.

BDW wrote:
Here you go, this should help you let go:

FC wrote:

NR wrote:
From my experience “letting go” was the hardest thing. These are the things I have learnt. Go easy on yourself and be kind to yourself. Don’t judge yourself too harshly for harbouring or wanting. Don’t spend hours on wording. This journey is our life’s work and takes practice, over time it will come. And always remember it’s meant to be fun! Good luck

EH wrote:
Make peace with yourself about the situation. You can confront the person or dig deep within yourself to find the root of the problem. Once you figure out the root of the problem then remind yourself what caused you to feel that way in the first place and replace it with forgiveness, love, joy play out the situation how you wished it would happen....

JBS wrote:
I thing i am doing a soul search. Trying to make peace with my self and to be happy with what is going on in my life. I watch the secret dvd about a year ago. Lately i was thinking about it. I am looking for the signs all around me to see what direction my life is suppose to go. It should a interesting journey. Because i am letting go of my past now.

EH wrote:
I listen to the secret every day cause off all the years of negativity that has been pushed in my head....My friend turns the dvd on every morning as she is getting dress. Maybe that could help you out.

LWP wrote:
I tend to be very controlling/possesive, jealouse etc and to the point that I drive people away. I have to tell myself to LET GO of that behavior, or it will keep happening and I will not be happy and lose people that I care about

BP wrote:
letting go is the hardest part..
i wanna share my experience.. ;)

once upon a time during my young years, i lost my girlfriend to one of my best friend.. i was haunting me for about 7 years, because somehow i saw them with my own eyes doing something even i didn't do it to her..

i cut short the story.. despite of having the same image over and over again during my sleepless nite, and ruining my life for having stuck in the past, one fine morning, i decide enough is enough..

i realized that i cannot let her go because whe was my first love and forgetting our first kiss is an impossible mission.. so i change the pattern.. instead of reminding myself of the very event and having nightmare, i visualize they broke up and she comes back to me.. every nite i have a date with her.. everytime the face of my best fren emerged in the dream, i just went to him with my girlfriend and greet him.. i told him that if he want her back, just be my guest.. i'm facing my fear in my dream..

by doing that every nite, the nightmare changed and my real life also changed.. i was having more fun.. glad to meet new people, flirt with other lady (just to make her jealous, in my next dream ;))..

as time goes by, the storyline changed.. somehow i get bored of her.. terrible is it? haha.. and finally i dump her for another great lady i found in real life.. ;) from that time onwards, i've move on from living in the past to achieving tomorrow.. ;)

and when recently i found 'the secret'...
damn! i should have realized it 20 years ago.. haha

JZ wrote:
I know a few of the teachers from "The Secret" use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to let go of things. Here is a link to a video where Bob Doyle (from the secret) shows how to use it to let go of limiting beliefs:
And here is a link to a free manual for EFT:
If you're not sure at first keep doing it, it really does work! Good luck!!!

JW wrote:
But what if that person wont send you back and love or would continue to thrive on your depression and Anger....

i appologize for the strong words but i WISHHHH i can toss these sad emotions outta my mind/life...they are daily....they are after me like a magnet...they are like a grudge and a shadow to me.......

i get affected SIGNIFICANTLY as my emotions are REEEAAALALLLLYYYYYY Sensitive...

Please somebody answer me
ive been searching for inner peace and my senistivity gets affected majorly by the fights that i get into with friends and people even though I SWEARR TO GOD IM the most peacefull one whoose sitting yet the fights, problems and saddnes hit me like darts with the speed of light from all directions

can you help me im sorry if i bothered you with my questions but im SEEKING IT helplessly !!

JS wrote:
If you all really want to let something go, here is a simple suggestion... it, bless it, and release it.

Accept that whatever you're holding on to still has something to share with you; something to teach you. Allow it (the thought/idea, not the person) to speak freely, to express whatever it needs to express to you. Thank it for giving you the opportunity to see old hurts with loving eyes, and bid it well.

Yes, I know that sounds like a recipe for getting rid of a ghost in your house...but what *are* thoughts haunting your mind anyhow, if not old ghosts?

Fighting a thought or trying to ignore it is the surest way to keep it around forever. Stop fighting it. Stop resisting it. Stop assuming that if you allow it to speak it will ruin your life.

Open yourself to the thought with full loving acceptance. Allow it to "speak," allow yourself to "feel" it. Once you've allowed it to have its piece, it will be at peace. Release it, and let it be. Thoughts don't necessarily want to be around any more than you want them around; but they can't leave because you haven't acknowledged them yet.

Remember that even if the "thing" you're trying to let go is a person, unless you have them physically shackled to you, the only thing attached is the *thought* of them.

And yes, it can take more than one "cleaning" to fully release a thought.

Peace of I

JW wrote:
what if some1 is after you to fight u n argue with u n wherever u go she does ?????????????????????

JS wrote:
??? I would be curious who this person is...your Siamese twin?

I know you've probably heard the old "it takes two to Tango" line before...but it's true. It's rather difficult to have a "fight" when one of the people involved is unwilling to fight. It sounds like she's looking for a fight, looking to argue, looking to get into a confrontation that could make Jerry Springer proud. If you deny her what she's looking for, she *will* get bored.

Again, I don't know who this person is in relation to you, so I don't know how well this next tactic may work...


Trying to heal your relationship with her, or let it go and let it be *while still with her* is kinda like trying to put out a building fire from *inside* the building. If she is really that toxic, you need to distance yourself from her; from her attitude, from her thoughts, from her energy, definitely from her words, and (hopefully unnecessary) from her fists.

You've taken a wise step, involving yourself with The Secret. Perhaps someday this person you speak of will follow suit...but not today. Focus on getting YOU where YOU need to be...on bettering your own life.

If you'd like to provide some further details, I can help you further; here, or via a personal message.

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