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JF wrote:
Hiya, has anybody been successful in losing weight using the secret????

Had great successes using the secret in different areas of my life but can't seem to apply it to losing weight!

Any ideas????


VJ wrote:
Listen to what your body is telling you : ) That's my simplest advice. You know what you need to do, usually...but the world gets involved & you don't hear what your body is saying.

Otherwise, eat healthy, exercise, love, be happy, have sex (that's exercise too), & read the Secret to stay motivated. : )

lol. I do have great exercises that are easy & fast & get results. Just msg. me if you'd like.

VJ wrote:
LOL! I'll msg you so we can keep this on subject for her. : )

NR wrote :
In the video/book they say that you have to think about the weight you want to have after... well I don't know. I'm doing fitness stuff and I think it's great.

Only think that you'll get thinner and thinner til you arrive to the wanted weight. :)

LWP wrote:
Losing Weight, I promised myself that I would go to WW (ever since '03) I told myself that I was not going to drop-out. Also Rhonda mentions to think of the "perfect" weight and concentrate also do not judge people who are overweight. Also I enjoy my food, eat it slowly and try not to eat so much no-health food. I am also asking for the secret/weight watchers to help myself achieve my perfect weight by my 37th birthday in December

DSR wrote:
I never thought of applying The Secret to my Weight Watchers. I stopped going last spring because I felt defeated, but now I am ready and strong again and willing to fight the battle. Thanks for the idea of applying this to WW I don't know why I never thought to do that. I am so thankful:)

BP wrote:
err.. d'ya guys wanna know what i've done regarding my weight loss visualization program? i cant really visualize how i look if i loss weight.. hehe.. so instead, i visualize my wife getting slimmer.. and somehow she really getting slimmer now.. hahahaaaa..

then i google to find a great body so that i can superimpose my face on it.. damn! cant find one that suit my pix.. haha.. then i take the pix and cut off the head.. damn! i'm not sure if that is me.. lol

i changed strategies, for me if i cant visualize then i need to feel slim.. so i daringly make fren with beautiful ladies and 6-pack-abs dude.. and i behave like them, looking at my full 1-pack abs as it is 6-pack-abs and proud of it, and to the extend i bought a suit one size down from my current size at that moment..

after a week, somehow i can fit to the suit.. hahahaa.. and more to it, i'm having active life.. now i can get self-motivate to workout alone and more frens comes and offering a weekly games activities.. i feel healthier.. and the best part is i still eat what i like.. hahaha..

guess i agree with nathalie, when we focus on losing weight, our emotion is at the weight, end-up we gain more weight.. i visualize on having their lifestyle.. and somehow i'm sure i'll be slimmer sooner.. then i can match my slimmer wife ;)

COC wrote:
Losing weight or looking a certain way is as easy as you perceive it to be remember. Just FEEL like you have it now! It's important first to be greatful for your body! Praise it and be thankful! From that point the universe will grant you what you want.

YL wrote:
every day , i thinking about postive thingking after reading a secret ;)
its result coming soon to me

LWP wrote:
I am down 2 lbs this week, I am striving to be at my Perfect weight of 120lbs by December. Today 11 of Feb 2010 I will do all in my power to achieve that goal:)

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