20th reU - my side of the story

it has been a very long time ago since i remember a skinny dark-skin smelly untidy pimple-face unpopular no-future low-self-esteem bad-attitude young boy.. the entire worst case scenario except being not fat and young.. i was so lucky that time that i have been accepted in the group for my anti-establishment-attitude and don't know how but involved in one confused love affair.. that is how i remembered myself during my great school day..

last nite, on the 20th reU, i found that lost boy again in the crowd of my dear old friends.. watching the reU enthusiast bring me back to the mid 80s.. frankly, i don't recall much because i'm barely doing really something those days.. nothing much to remember about me.. then i got lost again.. despite all of that, i did enjoy the moment with some of my fellow mate.. and the overall rating is overwhelming.. that’s why i decided to record it in this journal..

when i was walking the stairs, i already saw few familiar faces.. it was fun looking at the speechless jaw-drop wondering face of usin (you still look great, man), muka 'tak puas ati' neezat (keep on saying that i look different) and the glowing eyes of nell (still speechless up to the pelita session) during the initial handshake and back-pat.. and it was too overwhelming when buyung (i like your style doc) appeared and immediately burst my name and gimme me the bear hugs.. then immediately everyone applied to the standard greet of people-comes-rub-my-tummy as i went on inside.. the luxury that doesn't exist 22 years ago..

as soon as i enter the ballroom, i didn't really find someone that i really attached during the school days, then i met asri (congrate on your new born baby man, don't forget the diapers), atat (i got too many thing to chat but don't know where to start), nicky (you and tolhah still the legend) and zai (i know the secret already).. besides them most of the alumni doesn't have something really memorable about me.. i became understand on how anti-social i was during those days.. so after a few cigarettes, i decided to enjoy the situation.. it'll be ashamed to me to let go the second chance of knowing those great guy from my great school.. so i tried to reach most of the guys, whether they really know me or i barely speak to them before.. it was great enjoying the laughter.. i was so dumb for not knowing you guys better before..

it was so touching to hear budi (you still rock, man) told me that he still remember me because i had treated him a big-double-papa burger once.. it was too much fun hearing uya (i glad to see you too madam) and limah (the goodie bag was really meant for me rite? hehe) saying something good about me with the unbelievable look in their bright eyes.. it was so inspiring to listen to ali's story (i really don't know about it earlier, it made me insap for 15 minutes).. syed faisal is still the 'skema' boy (he told us to sit down as the event begun..sigh.. i was the bad boy mr ldp.. hehe).. wak jono is still cool (you amused me as always).. attong still at his best (keep it up man, you already doing great).. tok pin just look exactly like tok pin (my rezki is my rezki, thanks to roslan and u for the rfc).. too many things to mention if i wanna write it all..

it was surprised to experience the changes of KD (i will remember you as you're now) and the unchanged of tina (they keep on telling me that you already have four, amazing).. and yati, you make my day with that sentap look (sis, i don't know about others, but my remark on you was meant to tease (as i know you'll sentap on that issue, and you look sexy when you make that scary face.. hehe) but frankly, you're not as bad as you tried to described before, you look great last nite, f**k them. i love the way you look and your fantalicious ciskek ;)) and i did enjoying multiple good-bye handshake of chamud (wish i'm not speechless most of the nite) from the ballroom door, at the registration table, at the stairs and finally outside the hotel before parted to pelita..

amazing to see most of the guys and gals are still at their momentum of being a youngster.. and i feel blessed to meet some of you guys that inspired me that nite and giving me more things to look forward to achieve.. i'm not sure how you guys remember me, but i do know that i was better as a listener then doing the talk, so did last nite, i'm still the shy guy.. i was observing most of the great moment of the nite and digesting it as much as i can to remember this big happy family which i belongs to, once upon a time..

for the rest that i didn't mention your name personally, the secret is safe with me.. haha.. a lot of thing can't be share publicly.. to those who i've been speechless, you know who you're.. to the ladies (emm.. am i casually talking to gals those days?), i really want to spend sometime with you all but i just being too shy.. don't ask why.. but you all in your great look..

to me, everybody just found the switch button and suddenly becomes the teenager again.. most of us got stuck back in time.. that’s why went shida (i'm surprised seeing you so talkative) and ain-O (yeah, u match shida best.. haha) begun to described the picture of class D (yes, i lied.. i still keep the picture, not because of that one reason, but 30 other reasons in picture) i realized that’s the time i need to switch back to reality mode..

as i heading back to the hotel, i turn back to have the final glimpse.. its a dejavu for me to feel the same feeling when i was outside the classroom looking inside at my fellow class D friends having fun on my last party with them in 1986.. i said the same line to myself, "i'm going to miss you guys for the rest of my remaining life"..

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  1. Anonymous said...

    i didn't know you could write so well. glad to have you in one of my real life film scene. most of all glad to have you as one of my brothers in this one big family xbp84-88.


  2. Jib, you are awesome in your writing. Brought tears to my eyes. You captured the essence of the reunion, not only yours but many of ours too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart.

    lots of luurrrvvv,


  3. its uols that inspire me..


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