searching for answer?

why we need an answer? why we need to know everything? does it makes us clever? or does it makes us feel clever? to satisfy our own curiousity? that was what made Adam as and Hawa as out from heaven at the first place.. curiousity.. apparently when something happened, everybody wanna to know why.

have your spouse ever asked you why you love her/him? why they wanna know why you choosen them against any other choice? can they settled with no answer? or for a simple answer such as 'love' or 'it just happened'. what are the real thing that they wanna hear? does they need an answer to satisfy their self-pride? or is it that we did something that doesn't aligned with her/him expectation? so they hafta checked if the foundation still on the same ground? or maybe we begun to slipped and forgetting the reason why we are together?

let have a look at the basic routine.. why we send our kids to school? for them to learn? are they getting the lesson that useful to them? or at least the education that we expect to teach them? or is it just to follow up the system? or maybe to get them out from the house? how about for them to mingles? or is it we want them to achieve top rank, be a brilliant student and made us proud? or we afraid others will said we neglected our kids if we not sending them to school?

then the living part.. why we works? we do it for satisfaction or for money? do we really need money? obviously a trick question.. our innerself would naturally picked the 'satisfaction' answer.. cause it sound unmaterialistic and sociologically wise answer.. but does it true in the process? money is only the appreciation part? is it wrong if we just works for money? money is evil say some.. sound like we hate money, but can't we live without it? its a capitalist world we are living now anyway.. would it be a sin to be part of the system? do we have alternative?

take food for an instance.. we need food to live? what will happened if the food chain decreased? is it more people die in hunger or by the disease that cause by food? and we don't settled just for a food but delicious food.. we all love good food.. some will travel around the world to have a various taste of good food.. food lover.. professional.. but then why we need food at the first place? do we need food to live or for pleasure? isn't that some basic things were not basic need anymore but to satisfy our pleasure?

so does other common questions.. why everytime we wanna be happy, we will experience sadness instead? why we felt angry? whom are we angry at? is it wrong to felt all those bad feeling? do we only need good feeling? what if theres no bad guys? what is this good and bad things all about? heaven and hell? do we really got to choose?

in all this questions lies an answer.. answer that we have in our thought.. answer that we don't need to hear from somebody else.. most of the time we have the best answer.. the best for ourself.. ironically, we asked somebody else because we feel uncertain about it, but then we tend to defended it and rejected the incoming information.. we asked not because we don't know but because we wanna confirm it.

so should we gave answer when asked? sure.. because no matter how they rejecting it, somehow our thought already planted in their sub-concious.. their brain will somehow processed it.. we just need to choose the correct word while their sub-concious open the door during the passionate conversation.. they think they not agree with you, but asked them to forget about the conversation and after a week bring it up again against somebody else.. they will be in the same side of the table with you.. hypnotically.. ;)

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