how to visualize?

how to visualize?

BP wrote:
a fren makes me realize the secret, despite of so many years i've been talking, discussing n even preaching about it, now i know what i am searching..

but i have one question.. how to visualize?

i can imagining thing but its all in black n white.. sometimes i can feel but i can't see it.. most of the time, i normally imagining the word and number, not the real picture..

is it normal? anybody care to help?

JM wrote:
Hi! I listen to the CD's a lot. They state to visualize or picture what you want and then another contributer states to add movement. Movement is what will make this real. Rhonda Byrne also states that everyone involved in The Secret meditates.

My suggestion .... sit quietly. Take that picture in your mind and bring it to life with color. Color will also make it REAL! Now add movement to it. If you are visualizing a Ferrari ~ make it metalic red or whatever color suits you. This is one hot car now. But a Ferrari isn't all that unless you are driving it. Hear the engine? Feel it hug the curves on that country road. It is a beautiful day ~ take the top off that bad boy and feel the air rushing around you. The air is so fresh and clean smelling! Feel the vibration of that smooth vehicle. Feel your fingers grasping the wheel. Now take that dream and drive wherever you want in the world. Add whoever you want to the passengers side. Stop for a meal at a resturant wherever you want. Do whatever you want with this. HAVE FUN!!! There are no rules!!!

Use you imagination Boonchert. You can do this! Let me know what happens. Ok? Smile and love this image ... it is your dream!
Jan ;D

BP wrote:
cool.. i'm in phase of searching an actual image that match my dream.. and your word on movement is actually move me now.. thanks jan.. ;)

JM wrote:
There are NO RULES!! That in and of itself is so totally free-ing to me! I can dance on quicksand! My Ferrari drives along the Great Wall of China and within an instant I am driving by the Eifel Tower in Paris!! It is FUN! So kick off your shoes; sit in a comfy chair or floor or wherever and relax and have FUN!!

Ok? ;>

MA wrote:
I've got the same problem...I'm completely unable to visualize.....

BP wrote:
monica, maybe you can do it in reverse.. a fren told me that once.. find the thing that you want and take the picture if possible.. and practice using that picture to visualize.. and read what jan wrote about adding the movement.. i got a goosebump already.. ;)

JM wrote:
Thanks Boonchert!! I just got goosebumps!! We are here for eachother!

LWP wrote:
When I am (reading) the secret/watching the secret or driving in my car I visualize to myself things, places, that can HAPPEN if I apply the secret, and eventhough at times it (has/can be) difficult I keep reminding myself that all I need to do is believe in GOD & the secret and I got it made

MS wrote:
Jan is so right, let your imagination be like a film, children when they play and make-believe they do not sit still they are active, they talk it is all a motion, get intouch with that childish make-believe as children we have no boundaries as we get older we create them because our creative side gets suppressed so get intouch with the younger side of you, your creative mind. Think of all that you desire like a moving image, a film if you will and keep thinking I am visulaising and I am thankful for receiving..... I receive it now. Go have fun as Jan says there are no rules as human we make the rules but children in play have no rules so get back to that child-like play as the universe know no limit to time, space it is ageless!

AK wrote:
add feelings/emotions too

BP wrote:
thanks for the great tips! you guys are the true cool people..

just that i found that somehow it is difficult for me to visualize in silence.. ;) so i use music.. i create a powerpoint slide of my dream and add a few tracks on it.. i play the slide every morning when i woke up and every nite before i go to sleep..

and now i understood what you guys mean by adding feeling and emotion.. so everytime i hear the song, my dream just pop-up in my mind and giving me the feeling of passion and excitement, even though i am out on the street.. i feels like i already got it.. i guess i already hypnotized myself.. haha

i'm very grateful i have great life, family and frens.. and hell yeah! ain't nothing gonna stop me now, no more.. ;) from great to excellence!

thanks great people.. let be here for each other ;)

SK wrote:
I'll give you an example.:

Years ago, i was taking the bus every day to my school and then by train.
Took me about almost 1hour and 15min to get to my school.
In the bus, i was listening to my favourite Singer, Gackt.

Here a little taste:

Everytime i was listening to his songs in the bus i started visualizing how awesome it would be seeing him on stage and i was there.
With the Songs and such i actually felt that i was really at the stage watching him sining. It was awesome! I almost fall asleep too, haha, cuz i was really mentally into that "dream".
I did not hear anything about the secret or visualizing or anything about it that day. I did not even know that i was visualizing, for me it was daydreaming lol but it was so "real" for me haha.
I did that every single day to just pass time haha.

Here is the thing....
I live in Austria, Gackt is a japanese Star, which means, its kinda impossible to see him at all. Because Japanese Stars don't go on tour in Europe, or hardly.
You have a better chance seeing them in Japan (of course) or in America.

So the story ends with something i did not expected at all.
I visited friends in America and we went to the Anime Expo 2007 in Long Beach California.
Huge Convention! The first day at the Convention we walked around watching all the stuff there, then i saw a men handing me Tickets.
I asked for what it was, he said for "S.K.I.N.".

Never heard of S.K.I.N......
He gave me a flyer and i was reading that SKIN is actually a band of famous Japanese SuperStars.
Then i read it.... and it gave me a shock.... i was literly turning white.
Gackt was one part of the band and i was holding the Ticket so see Gackt live on stage.
That was one of the best days in my life, because also, it was my birthday that day too :)

P.S.: I even took some pictures of that. You can find that in my Photo Album :D

AJ wrote:
Someone above mentioned believe in god. The secret is about you, about your relationship with the universe, you need nothing else. Don't go adding false deities invented years a go by people who didn't have logic to know the truth. Go with the secret, it is enough.

LWP wrote:
I visualize myself feeling free from feeling anxious,etc. Also confident enough to work more hours at work, also able to achieve my PERFECT weight (120lbs) by 12/26/10 and keep it off!!! Also stop being a rageaholic,etc esp towards Marty. Also better money mgt, and keeping things neat etc

SC wrote:
Use mind movies. I use them for love, money, homes etc. There are tons of them on Youtube. Save them to harddrive and keep watching see the money in your pocket for example, feel the feelings, see you buying your stuff you want.
Bookmark things you want to buy and stare on them 6-25mins at time.

Like Bruce Lee said. Focus on the picture(in this case a mind video or picture of what you want) Then believe it is yours like something you ordered from a catalog and know it cant be stopped!.

I just materialisaed and extra 150 in online loot for next month. I think we need to totally put effort on pictures and seeing us with the items like we own . Not just 5 mins for the day everyone. But put 6-30mins on your dreamhouse, Cars, love life, picturing your bod in perfect health.

Cash, see yourself spending the cash and also using it to help others.

And of course above all else, remember to give thanks and gratitude on everything from your feet touching the ground, to the roof above your head to the clothes on your back.

Good luck everyone and please keep in touch. We are who we focus to be!

SC wrote:
Hi Susanne I use the score from Avatar's trailers and the scores from the movie to really get my energy up before meditating and visualizing on things I want too. Music really gets you feeling good and thats how you want to clear your mind before you start your meditations.

Watching something funny or listen to your favorite soothing or rock music or movie soundtrack before starting.

Incredible how the music from James Camerons Avatar can get me totally full of energy and feeling good.

LT wrote:
The best way to visualise I have ever found and it works like magic is to make something called a "mind movie".

They are all over youtube where people make movies/vids to attract money, freedom, win the lotto etc. I came across a site on making mind movies and was totally inspired!!! It is basically a better more hip and motivational vision board :). I would watch these vids on youtube CONSTANTLY but NEVER once did it cross my mind to make one myself!

I used windows Movie maker (free on all windows systems, just do a search), Searched up "how to use Windows Movie maker", picked an inspirational song (over a rainbow), used google images and searched for all the pics I wanted to be in this lil vid, put all my affirmations in the vid also, and spent an entire day making this vid for the first tiime in my life. I put all of my energy into making my first ever vid and it came out perfect! Exactly Me!!! All that I want to achieve "Wealth and Freedom" in one movie.

Now every morning and night I watch my 8 minuite movie and I see and visualise and feel all that I put into that vid cause it was my inner desires. I visualise the money and the feeling of having it. I visualise all the things I buy with it and the lifestyle I live, I visualise my business taking off and continuing to grow, I visualise the wonderful freedom this money brings to go wherever I want and do whatever I want whenever I like, I visualise the fun, excitement, peace freedom and prosperity.....because the are all in that vid! And with the song I chose to play with it I am brought close to tears of excitement and contentment each time.


OT wrote:
I can paint :)

SC wrote:
Jan and Lolyolah T.. I love your ideas and yep I like mind movies and mix it up with my vision boards. Mind movies rock as long as you put concentration and feelings and emotion into the images. You will get what you want in no time. Just free your mind of doubt and negativity and feell good!

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